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Ned Lott
Senior Manager
Disney Character Voices International, Inc.

“Bettina is a joy and privilege to work with. I’ve been very impressed at her skill of taking direction, and her quickness to adapt to different scenarios. She has a great skill of matching reads and in my case, voice-matching another actress perfectly. We had very long sessions, and she was pleasant, fun, and professional, and the time flew by. I’m also thrilled at her singing ability, and have let some of my music contacts know about her skill. I look forward to hearing about where Bettina’s career takes her as she is filled with potential.”

Reed Evans
Voice-over Director
Directed Lego CD Rom V.O.’s for Duploventures

“Bettina is the best when it comes to v.o. talent. Not only is she versatile in pitch, tone, and reads, but she takes direction really well. I give her a couple of things I want in a line – both technical and emotional, and she gives me back exactly what I’ve asked for.”