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I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go on stage to do a show or vocal performance and just felt like my voice wasn’t fully there. I would come off stage feeling like I didn’t give my best performance, only to be flooded by people saying that they couldn’t even tell that I was sick or struggling. I credit this to the incredible techniques that Bettina Devin has taught me. From years of experience dealing with her own vocal issues, she knows better than anyone how to teach students the proper ways to sing around just about any vocal ailment in a HEALTHY way that protects your voice from further damage. These techniques are an invaluable part of my arsenal as a professional singer. – Austin Scott -Alexander Hamilton, 1st National Tour of “Hamilton".
Austin Scott
Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” on Broadway and "A Jazzman's Blues" on Netflix
I had been training with Bettina for about a year before I got the Giulia audition, and she really helped me to gain the necessary skill and confidence in my voice.
Emma Berman
Star of Disney's "Luca" and "Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures"
Bettina has been an absolute ANGEL to me for as long as I can remember. Whether it's auditioning for a hit TV show or needing help with a scene for my acting class, she's there! Her care and love for her students is unlike any other. She knows exactly what's she's doing, from multi cam comedy to drama, she helps with all! As an actor, I sometimes come across some obstacles that I can't figure out for myself. Her insight is amazing. She'll get you performing at your highest potential. Thank you, Bettina. Looking forward to many more years to come! Love,
Kristina Ho
"Betty" on Power Rangers Beast Morphers
I can't possibly speak too highly of Bettina Devin. Her coaching helped me dramatically improve my stand up, with measurable increase in audience response from even my very first session with her. She knows her stuff and is an outstanding coach!
Shelly Smartly
Stand-up Comic
Bettina Devin is the reason I am living my dream of being an actress. With her expertise, support, unquenchable faith in me, and wonderfully dry wit, Bettina has pushed me into being a far better actor than I ever thought I could be. I don’t know where I’d be without her guidance. I continue to learn and draw strength from her teaching every time I perform at a casting workshop, an audition, or on set. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an actor, seek her out. Bettina will propel you to higher ground.
Georgie Craig
Bettina is a fabulous acting educator and thespian. A San Francisco treasure. Pay attention to her and you might learn something about the craft.
Ximena Zhao
On-Camera Actress
She is fab – so nice, and kids love how easy she is to understand. She saved the day twice for me in the last week. Love our Bettina!
Katy Thielke Straser
Mom of Child Actor
Thanks, Bettina. We are constantly amazed at your work ethic, your dedication, your passion and your big heart. You are a great role model and we know that with you, Christo is always in good hands.
Scott Urquhart
Christo‘s Dad
After having been on a hiatus from theatre and commercial work for a number of years, I’ve found myself lured back into a safe environment of a scene study workshop with Bettina. She has given me a renewed enthusiasm for acting. Her students love her upbeat and always encouraging M.O. Bettina has become a motivating force for me and a positive influence. Most importantly, she has given me the gift of trust in myself. Bettina is a most gracious and giving teacher and my own very special “Fairy God Mother”. Thank you Bettina.
Margie Pratchenko
Bettina is amazing! She is very easy to work with, is always available in person or online to help Mario with upcoming auditions. Her instruction is priceless and has helped Mario book multiple projects. She goes above and beyond to connect Mario with projects that are looking for what he has to offer. She’s more like a de facto manager! We are so very grateful for all she has done and continues to do for us.
Mother to Mario Gianni Herrera
Bettina is an all time fav...do whatever she says.
Jon Bowden
Producer and Director
I must say, I was blown away! I teach voice and performance and have been mentoring others for over a decade... but always waited to find the right person to mentor me. I totally found it in Bettina!

She not only is helping me transform my heavy Israeli accent to sound American in auditions, but has helped connect me with others in the industry.

I highly recommend Bettina, to anyone who wishes to grow and develop as an actor, voice actor, and definitely to those with an accent as myself.
Keren Gaiser
Vocal Coach
When I cast Bettina, I know that she’ll take the story to a new level. She brings an honest, captivating performance every time she steps into a role. Its no surprise that she’s found her way into numerous projects of mine.

Jake Viramontez
Film Director
Bettina is a consummate pro with extraordinary range of diversity. I’ve seen her work equally comfortable and successfully with 8 to 80 year olds of ANY ability .
All performers and aspiring artists would be so lucky to have such a caring and dedicated coach and mentor , and in my case -colleague.
Gregangelo Herrera
Artistic Director at Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Bettina is fantastic. She offers great courses, insightful guidance, and countless connections. She really gives a perfect path and purpose to your dreams of becoming a voice actor, and can help your craft whether that dream is just an idea, or you’re already a professional.
Sam Schneider
Sam Schneider
Voice Over / On Camera Actor
This woman is incredible. If you need someone to kick your ass into shape look no further. She gets shit done, and is fun, intelligent and witty. Thanks again Bettina! Can’t wait to work with you again! – Actor and Singer, Ian Elliott
Sam Schneider
Ian Elliott
Actor and Singer
I’m so thrilled to have you in the cast; you indeed are a blessing!
Completely geeked out to be your director. I know talent - and you've got it in abundance...and experience....and you're cool!
Mark S. Allen p.g.a.
7-time Emmy Award winner
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