“What a great CD! She is a kick! She definitely puts her own stamp on these tunes.”

Jesse (Chuy) Varela
Host of “Jazz in the Afternoon” KCSM FM 91,the Bay Area’s Jazz Station, San Mateo and Sonoma, CaliforniaMusic Critic, San Francisco Chronicle

“I am very excited about the talent and energy of Bettina Devin. She brings pleasure, humor,and delight to the listener, who has as much fun as she is having. The only thing better wouldbe watching her in person! Nonetheless, her CD will light you up.”

Don Wolfe
Host of “I Love Jazz” KMOX-AM, “The Voice of St. Louis” 11 20 AM on the web

“When the phrase “God given talent” is mentioned, song stylist/actress Bettina Devin certainlyfits that category. Listen to any one of the 14 tracks on her new CD release, “Dangerous Type,”and you will agree that this gal’s versatile talent comes through loud and clear with anabundance of class!”

Jack Lebo
Jack’s “Big Band Report” appears in the following international publications:The American Rag (California), Music and Dance News (Minnesota),Big Band World (England), Jozlin’s Jazz Journal (Kansas), Millennium Music (Canada)

“We call her “The ‘devine’ Miss D” and she deserves the title. Dynamic…Superb…A singer’s singer! A voice made in heaven…And “Michael” would love her. Bettina Devinhas that one particular thing many can’t find…It’s called talent! A singer, an actress, voice overs,you name it…Bettina delivers superbly!”

Jim Stone
Host of Big Band Swing WLNZ, Lansing, Ml

“They always tell instrumentalists to develop a unique sound. Well, Bettina has done it.Among many, many singers, I could say “Hey! That’s Bettina!” Quite a range too.And the superb musicians! A good one!”

Jerry Atkins
Jazz/Music Director “The Enjoyment of Jazz” KTXK-FM, Texas, NPR

“I am proud to be in the menu of songwriters Bettina has chosen for her presentation.”

Bob Dorough
Writer/Director “Schoolhouse Rock” Series, composer “Devil May Care”

“She has a range that enables her to take you on a roller coaster ride. She’s got a great sense of humor. She can sound as sweet as maple sugar one minute and get down and dirty the next. She can break your heart. But she not only knows how to sing a song, she knows how to entertain you! I love her for that.”

Betty Garrett
Star of MGM’s “On the Town”, “Words and Music”, and “My Sister Eileen”