Classes with Bettina Devin
Sessions are both via the internet and in-person. In-person sessions are conducted in San Rafael, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. If you require me to come to your location, travel time is billed at the same rate as classes.
For Information:
(415) 499-0600
(415) 887-8717


Ian Elliott

This woman is incredible. If you need someone to kick your ass into shape look no further. She gets shit done, and is fun, intelligent and witty. Thanks again Bettina! Can’t wait to work with you again! – Actor and Singer, Ian Elliott


I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go on stage to do a show or vocal performance and just felt like my voice wasn’t fully there. I would come off stage feeling like I didn’t give my best performance, only to be flooded by people saying that they couldn’t even tell that I was sick or struggling. I credit this to the incredible techniques that Bettina Devin has taught me. From years of experience dealing with her own vocal issues, she knows better than anyone how to teach students the proper ways to sing around just about any vocal ailment in a HEALTHY way that protects your voice from further damage. These techniques are an invaluable part of my arsenal as a professional singer. – Broadway Actor, Austin Scott

Ximena Zhao

Bettina is a fabulous acting educator and thespian. A San Francisco treasure. Pay attention to her and you might learn something about the craft.
– Ximena Zhao – On-Camera Actress

Katy Thielke Straser

She is fab – so nice, and kids love how easy she is to understand. She saved the day twice for me in the last week. Love our Bettina!

– Katy Thielke Straser


Thanks, Bettina. We are constantly amazed at your work ethic, your dedication, your passion and your big heart. You are a great role model and we know that with you, Christo is always in good hands. –Christo‘s Dad, Scott Urquhart

Margie Pratchenko

After having been on a hiatus from theatre and commercial work for a number of years, I’ve found myself lured back into a safe environment of a scene study workshop with Bettina. She has given me a renewed enthusiasm for acting. Her students love her upbeat and always encouraging M.O. Bettina has become a motivating force for me and a positive influence. Most importantly, she has given me the gift of trust in myself. Bettina is a most gracious and giving teacher and my own very special “Fairy God Mother”. Thank you Bettina. – Margie Pratchenko

Acting and Singing Classes

My classes include training for:

Acting technique for stage, on-camera technique (commercial, t.v./film ), audition prep, comedy technique, voiceover, singing, dialects and dialect removal. Additionally I draw from my forty-five years as a working performer to help you navigate through the inner workings of the business.

I describe my technique as a blend of Meisner, Strasberg and Joan Darling channeled through my own hard earned experience over the years.

Pricing – applies to all classes.

I teach students all over the world. I have coached actors from my car to theirs, from airports, taxis and Ubers! Sessions are both via the internet and in-person. The in-person sessions are conducted either in San Rafael or Los Angeles, contingent on my own personal shooting schedule. If you require me to come to your location, travel time is billed at the same rate as classes.

Privates – Up to 2 people
$110 – 55 minute session
$55 – 30 minute session

Group Classes – 3 or more people
$240.00/6 sessions per person
$45/per session drop-in

Advance Payment Discounts
Receive 10% off when booking more than six sessions. Pre-paid classes must be used within a 60-day period.

Cancellation Policy
VERY IMPORTANT – I have a strict cancellation policy. Any class, either private or group, requires a 24-hr notice if you cannot make the session.

Refund Policy
There are no refunds for missed classes.

More payment details
Payments are due in full before or on the day of your first session. To accommodate your travel schedule, sessions can be combined (both in-person and online) for your convenience.

I am also available to offer support and feedback via phone, email, text and Facebook. I help students to review scripts, on-camera and voiceover reels, headshot options, ideas for monologues, and create or polish/fatten up resumes. Cost is $30 per 15 minute block.

I do offer some partial scholarships throughout the year. Inquire for details.

How To Pay
Cash and checks are welcome, but Paypal payments are preferred and encouraged.  My Paypal link is:  VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE “FRIENDS AND FAMILY”, NOT “Goods and Services” when submitting payment!