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Bettina Devin Reviews

“Bettina Devin has that rare, thrilling voice which can startle you with its power and then grab you with its subtle nuances. She’s also a first-rate actress, so she can turn a standard which you thought you knew by heart into a three-minute play, with delightful surprises along the way.”

Michael Michetti: Award-winning Director & Producer

“I had the pleasure of working with Bettina Devin in a Los Angeles production of “A Little Night Music”, in which she played the role of Anne, the virgin. I found her an extremely talented actress, but in addition, she has a phenomenal voice and a delicious sense of comedy. I can’t wait to be in another show with her.”

- Betty Garrett: Film & TV Star (“On the Town” with Frank Sinatra and many others)

“Bettina was in a musical revue I co-wrote. You could not ask for a better, more talented, engaging, energetic, funny, and all-around professional performer. She delights audiences and gives total co-operation and support to the creators and producers. And despite her standout talent, she is a total team player who places ensemble above ego. Bettina would be a true asset to any production.”

Rita Abrams: Emmy Award-winning Composer, Lyricist and Writer


“Bettina’s vocal pyrotechnics combined with her loving treatment of anything from ballads to sexy R&B , never fail to amaze even the most jaded audience."

Michael Chapman: Award-winning Producer and Director


“Bettina Devin is one classy singer/actress. She is a natural comedienne who gets every ounce of meaning out of a lyric, and mesmerizes audiences with her impressive voice and engaging personality.”

Morris Bobrow: Award-winning Writer & Director


“Bettina “Devin has a marvelous range as both an actress and a singer.”

Ed Bogas: Award-winning TV and Film composer


“I honestly believe there’s nothing she can’t sing, whether it’s Betty Boop or Carmen. The ease with which she performs is nothing short of amazing.”

Sue Gaetzman: L.A. theater producer

“Devin’s voice is exquisitely sweet. Her phrasing enables her to caress a tearjerker and carve into some pleasant R&B. Devin has a special kind of impish sexiness. A promising and entertaining artist.” 

Daily Variety


“Devin’s shining quality as a singer is her diversity of style, sounding like a young Ella Fitzgerald or Edie Gorme. Devin’s own unique personality added the extra something that made the show more than just an exercise in good singing."

          Greg Ptacek: L.A. Music Critic C.C. News


“Bettina Devin is an endearing and instinctive performer, a charming bundle of wit, warmth, and performing wiles, who somehow blends sweetness, humor, and sex appeal- ingredients that faintly recall Judy Holliday and Bernadette Peters, but that she turns into a memorable and delicious singing style very much her own.” 

Gerald Nachman: Critic, Columnist & Author


“Bettina Devin has the kind of voice that can cradle a lyric or produce goosebumps on a whim. Whatever her mood, as a singer, she’s up there with the very best of them.”

David Galligan: Theater Director/Producer and Critic & Columnist


L.A. Times



“Amazingly funny, drawing every bit of comedy out of the Ken Ludwig script.”

Pat Craig: Critic 



“A great voice and superb comic finesse”


Oakland Tribune




“Bettina Devin’s talents as an actress and singer have no bounds. She can belt, scat, soar as a lyric soprano, or happily carry off rich mezzo roles. This diversity of vocal ability combined with uncannily spot-on acting instincts makes her one of the more memorable performers around.”

Greg MacKellan: Theater Director & Producer


“This gal, with her TNT voice and amazing stage presence, all but chews up the scenery.”

Michael Bruno: Theater Critic



Bay Area Reporter




Hear what some of Bettina's talented students have to say...
She knows better than anyone how to teach students the proper ways to sing around just about any vocal ailment in a HEALTHY way that protects your voice from further damage.
Austin Scott
Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” on Broadway
This woman is incredible. If you need someone to kick your ass into shape look no further. She gets shit done, and is fun, intelligent and witty. Thanks again Bettina! Can’t wait to work with you again!
Ian Elliott
Actor and Singer
Whether it's auditioning for a hit TV show or needing help with a scene for my acting class, she's there! Her insight is amazing. She'll get you performing at your highest potential. 
Kristina Ho
"Betty" on Power Rangers Beast Morphers
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